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Michelle Veenemans – Musica Sacra ~ A collection of Sacred Arias

 The Oratorio repertoire has always played a significant part in soprano Michelle Veenemans’s thrilling career. She first started singing sacred music in 1994, when she studied baroque music under the careful guidance of her German vocal mentor, the soprano Anita Nobel at the Ludwig-van-Beethoven Musikschule in Bonn, Germany[1].

The Musica Sacra Album is a collection of delightful arias from some of the most revered composers. Veenemans shines in her vocal portrayal that brilliantly suits the sacred repertoire, including exceptional works from Mascagni, Fauré, Mendelssohn, Händel, Pergolesi, Caccini, Stradella, Verdi, Rossini, Franck and Donizetti. She is able to convey the true essence of each aria with her angelic voice and underlines each composer’s intention that “music is a gift of God and part of the created order. From its inception, ‘when the morning stars sang together and all the heavenly beings shouted for joy’ (Job 38:7), to its consummation, when ‘every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and in the sea, and all that is in them’ will sing to the Lamb on the throne (Rev. 5:13), creation is musical. ‘All nature sings and round me rings the music of the spheres.’ Human music-making participates in the music of creation and reflects the order, beauty, and diversity of God’s creation[2].

Musica Sacra is Michelle's latest album release

Christie Bekker wrote following about this album:

"Wat 'n belewenis om hierdie uitnemende uitvoering van jou met Musica Sacra te kon ervaar. Bravisimo Michelle! Die samestelling van elke werk het my kalmte gegee in hierdie uitdagende tyd waarin ons onsself bevind!  Jou uitnemende stemkwaliteit  en uitvoering van elke komponis se werk is soos uitgesoekte verfrissende rooiwyn wat met elke proe die pallet laat nooit verlaat.  Baie geluk met hierdie werk en ek vertrou die waarderende publiek sal nie die geleentheid laat verbygaan om dit te ondersteun nie!  Dit is net só ongelooflik perfek saamgestel en genotvol om na te luister.  Baie dankie en doen so voort met jou besondere gawe!

 Mooiste wense,  Christie Bekker" ~ 24 July 2020

Michelle Veenemans ~ Wonderful World of Jazz

 Only a few opera singers in the world have ever dared to cross the boundaries from Opera to Jazz. Celebrated South African coloratura soprano, Michelle Veenemans, from the legendary family of sopranos has done just that with her latest album, Wonderful World of Jazz returning to her roots of Jazz singing. She follows in the footsteps of her mother the famous opera star Barbara Veenemans, who started her singing career as a Jazz singer in her father Bingo Veenemans’s Jazz band.

 This album is a compilation of 20 of Michelle’s favourite Jazz Big Band Standards, ranging from the 1920s up to the 1970s. Michelle took each song and individually made the interpretation her own, keeping to the old traditional way of vocalisation, bringing homage to the great legends of Jazz.

 “If all else fails my dear Michelle, you can always become a nightclub singer” ~ Joubero Malherbe, South African Music Journalist, Broadcaster, Historian and Composer, 2005.

 Produced by Michelle Veenemans ~ Designs: Santa Mentz from Xiting Computing


by Thys Odendaal

 The operetta is a highly specialised art form. It is a genre with its roots in Austria, more specific in the music city of Vienna, and is in its light heartedness and Schmaltz a mirror image of an era at the end of the 19th Century and first half of the 20th Century – a social setting of elegance and sophistication. Similar music genres also developed elsewhere – the Zarzuela in Spain and the Musical in the USA – and it demands a specific approach to present it with style within the genre. Occasionally singers underestimate the operetta to their own detriment. The sometimes-uninteresting characters and small story lines do not imply that the music is less demanding. Most sopranos have been challenged by the Czardas in Strauss’s Fledermaus. The soprano Michelle Veenemans’s CD, Schenkt man sich Rosen, is a more than welcome contribution to the South African CD catalogue. She has an instinctive feeling for the genre. Operetta music apparently flows in her Veenemans veins – Michelle being a descendant of two former brilliant operetta exponents, also both sopranos – mother Barbara and aunt Leonore … Michelle firstly has the vocal ability and feeling to let an operetta aria live – aria for sure, which means that one would love to hear her in a complete operetta. Her coloratura is agile and sometimes risky, but suits the contents of the arias. An important component of her interpretation is the capable way in which she handles the rhythmic aspect – the ritardandos and extension of phrases that give the melody the “swing” in a waltz or polka.

She deserves a bunch of red roses!



CD: Pergolesi: Salve Regina and Stabat Mater

Salve Regina (a minor):
Michelle Veenemans - soprano
Paul Ferreira – piano
Gerrit Koorsen - cello
Stabat Mater:

Klassika Vocal Ensemble – Ester de Vos | Mart-Mari De Necker | Lara Badenhorst | Rochelle Veenemans
Michelle Veenemans - soprano
Paul Ferreira - counter tenor
Gerrit Koorsen - cello
Chrissie-Jane Stassen - piano

Opera SA - For the first time ever, all South Africa's famous opera stars ranging from Gert Potgieter, Emma Renzi, Ge Korsten to Barbara Veenemans, Michelle Veenemans, Deon van der Walt, Michelle Breedt, Johan Botha, Mimi Coertse, Nellie du Toit, Joyce Barker, Cecilia Wessels, Dawie Couzyn, Manuel Escorcio and many more available on one album! Available from September 2011. Compiled by RSG and distributed by Next.

Michelle is very privileged to have been chosen to appear on this legendary CD compilation of famous South African opera stars.

Jingle Jazz Christmas Album - Michelle Veenemans’s brand new CD, Jingle Jazz Christmas Album, is a 16-track collection of the most beautiful and nostalgic Christmas Songs. This CD is the surprise of the year because we hear Michelle Veenemans, known in South Africa as operatic coloratura soprano, in a whole different genre which ranges from swing, jazz to light pop. She sings exciting arrangements of the most inspiring Christmas Songs such as Sleigh Ride, The Christmas Song, O Christmas Tree, Let it Snow, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Silent Night, Christmas without you, Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Santa Claus is coming to Town and many more! The well-known opera star Barbara Veenemans joins Michelle in 5 of the 16 tracks.


By Paul Boekkooi

  Leonore, Barbara, and now Michelle. We know that the Veenemans-women can sing. Michelle, the youngest in the Veenemans-lineage, has an unusual voice that in a positive sense can be described as “freaky”. As coloratura soprano, she fears nothing – that is why she undertakes two Mozart arias where few would dare to go, namely K316 and K418. Technically, they break all safe norms and Michelle excels in these challenges. Her voice does not only have the ability, but also the bravado and dramatic power that are required. Tenors boast with their high Cs. This soprano reaches an A-flat above that C. After the Mozart, the programme becomes “tamer”, but she does not let it sound as such. She lives dangerously, but delivers the musical goods. It is hard work to listen to such a soprano, but she lets your mouth willingly hang open".

CD is sold out and only available digitally.

Track list is as follows:

1. Mozart: Popoli di Tessaglia
2. Mozart: Vorrei spiegarvi, Oh Dio!
3. Mozart: Ach ich liebte
4. Donizetti: Quella fonte … Regnava nel silenzio … Quando rapito in estasi
5. Cilea: Io son l’umile ancella
6. Catalani: Ebben? … neandro lontana
7. Gounod: Ah! Je veux vivre
8. Offenbach: Les oiseaux dans la charmille
9. Mozart: Martern aller Arten
10. Verdi: Caro nome



Here Michelle does not only sing an exciting sustained high F in the title song Lentelied, she also hits a sensational sustained high G in the Strauss aria “Markies my Heer”. This CD is dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the Afrikaans Language and was recorded in the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria. The majority of items are selected from two prominent South African composers of the Afrikaans Art Song, S le Roux Marais and PJ Lemmer. She also included three Johan Strauss arias from Die Fledermaus, translated from German into Afrikaans. Each song and aria reveals a unique spectrum of emotions, which is unveiled by Michelle’s intuitive understanding of the various genres. The CD was released in 2005. Michelle is accompanied by Paul Ferreira (piano), Dawid Venter (flute), Abri Jordaan (guitar) and Zania van Wyk (organ).

The track list is as follows:

1.      Le Roux Marais: Lentelied

2.       Lemmer: Sproetenooi
3.       Le Roux Marais: Gee my
4.       Lemmer: Kokkewiet
5.       J Strauss: Markies my Heer
6.       J Strauss: Speel ek onskuldige bloedjies
7.       J Strauss: Czardas
8.       Le Roux Marais: Kom dans Klaradyn
9.       Le Roux Marais: Mali, die slaaf se lied
10.    Traditional: Al lê die berge nog so blou
11.    Le Roux Marais: Moeder
12.    Le Roux Marais: Die Roos



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